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2016 Yamaha Golf-Car The DRIVE Gas, Price includes SS black chrome hubcaps.   Price includes SS black chrome hubcaps.   MSRP - $6799   NVC PRICE - $5999       Online price is a cash outright, sale price. Trade may be accepted at a low wholesale value only. 2016 Yamaha Golf-Car The DRIVE® Gas The DRIVE golf car is plain and simple fun to drive. In fact, its technology (and its spirit) has more in common with Yamaha motorcycles, ATV s and performance watercraft than with ordinary golf cars. Whether you're hauling kids, hauling packages, hauling groceries or hauling your buddies to the club for a quick nine before dinner, we're sure The DRIVE will work extraordinarily well for whatever it is you need to do. Features May Include: HybriCore Chassis How do you make a chassis nearly 20% lighter and 2.5 times stronger? We mated an automotive, ladder-style, 100% robotically welded steel frame, protected by an 18-step paint process, to a polypropylene structural floor. It's unique design provides added strength and protects the battery. Automotive-Style Dash The auto industry spent a hundred years getting this right, so why not use it? We gave it four cup holders to hold different-size cups; a center storage area for wallets, cell phones, and personal items; six ball holders; six tee holders; and a big, easy-to-clean storage compartment on each side. EnduraDrive Transaxle with Internal Disc Brake Technology An industry first, inspired by the Yamaha ATV. A completely enclosed disc brake system that eliminates brake drums and shoes, needs only one brake cable, and is projected, based on extensive testing, to have an incredibly long life with essentially no maintenance. ClimaGuard Top with Dual Gutters Our top is wider and extends farther in the front for maximum occupant protection, and it's longer in the rear to give maximum protection without interfering with the clubs. It has the only 360° double rain channel in the industry, and its integrated water drain system has an exclusive clog-proof design. It's built for rattle-free stability and has integrated grab handles. So who's afraid of a little rain? Tru-Trak II Fully Independent Front Suspension Notice how one tire stays firmly planted, even though the other adjusts to the terrain? That's the fully independent suspension at work. We designed a maintenance-free suspension using automotive-style, coil-over-shock struts to minimize roll and deliver a smooth, comfortable ride. Sooner or later, some golfer will offer to trade his car for it. Sentry Wraparound Prote
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