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2002 Ford Think – $7,970.00The Think is a new vehicle released for sale (locally) in Spring 2002, this is Ford’s entry into the electric vehicle market.  This Think is classified as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, which meets the Federal government requirements for low speed vehicles.  This combines the benefits of economical electric transportation, no emissions and a safe comfortable ride.<ul><li>This Think is licensed and inspected in Florida (street legal)</li><li>Range, 30 miles on one battery charge</li><li>Top Speed 30 miles per hour</li><li>Recharge the batteries overnight at any 110-volt outlet, for less than 50 cents</li><li>Unlike a golf cart, the Think is street legal; yes you can use this as a golf cart, in Turf mode the top speed is 15mph, street mode is 30mph</li><li>Mag wheel (mini lights) and new custom seating front and rear</li></ul>Specifications for the 4-passenger model:<ul><li>Curb weight 1,400 pounds</li><li>Overall length: 114 inches</li><li>Overall width: 57 inches</li><li>Overall Height: 68 inches (mini van height)</li><li>Wheelbase : 78 inches</li></ul>Optional accessories on this car<ul><li>Maintenance free batteries, you never have to add water</li><li>Wide turf tires (they look better than narrow tires)</li><li>Custom leather seating</li><li>Full Cart Cover</li></ul>Kindly contact Joanne 754-234-2438
The dealer is too lazy to leave a message here. You can contact by leaving a message.
1968 FORD TORINO, FD.189360
B.A Wolfe Powersports-Tel:8665265889
2135 Lowes Dr,Clarksville,Tennessee

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