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Used 2012 Pace OTHER ATVs For Sale in California  $34,000

Additional Details

    zipCode:  95648

    class:  Side by Side

    state:  California

    maker:  Pace

    model:  OTHER

    styleYear:  2012

    newOrUsed:  Used

    Category:   Recreation / Sport

    Type:   Side by Side

    Location:   Lincoln, CA

    Mileage:   524

    Primary Color:   White

    Secondary Color:   Green

    Engine Size:   1,050 cc

    Engine Type:   V Twin TURBO

    Options:   Custom Wheels, AM/FM


I am selling a PERFECT Z1 Wildcat conversion built by legendary NASCAR driver Greg Biffle. This SXS started out as a brand new 2012 Arctic Cat Wildcat. After driving the car for 78 miles, I realized it needed beefier components and more power..,MUCH MORE power. I shipped it off to Pace Offroad in North Carolina and they performed the transformation into a 300 HP, multi-tune turbo monster. Pace is known in the off road industry to be the premier dream builder. Their attention to detail is second to none and I spared no expense ($40,000) in getting every option they offered. As they released new parts, I bought those too.  It was not just an engine swap but, rather it was a full frame-off rebuild from the ground up. It included a full frame gusseting and reinforcement, cage redesign, full stripped powder coat and much more. The engine is a brand new Z1 turbo motor that I have since put only 500 miles on. That's only 37 RUN HOURS!! It performs impeccably and the build was so impressive that it was a full feature in Vol. 2 of UTV Sports Magazine, Sand Sports. The motor is so reliable that the only thing it has ever required is STANDARD gasoline and an oil change. The multi-tune allows you to use the standard 177hp and mild 220hp tune with 91 octane STANDARD pump gas. If you want to kick the selector switch up one more notch to RACE, then just throw a couple gallons of race gas in it and watch this thing pull the front tires off the ground with a full 300 Horsepower.  Because of the higher horsepower, the heads were reassembled with ARP studs and other durability modifications.  This entire car was built for extreme reliability.  Nearly every single part has been improved from brakes to seats to nuts & bolts.

The list of extras on this car would be several pages long and I am limited to 3000 charachters, therefore I can supply the full build sheet showing $40,000 in Pace Mods and another $15,000 in other add-ons.  My total investment in this car is $76,000 not including spare parts like EVO axles, suspension parts, etc.. It has only been run for 37 hours. Most people put that many hours on their SXS's in a long weekend. But this car sat in it's enclosed trailer while most of the driving was done with quads or other less expensive sxs's. I basically kept this thing preserved like a 1967 Corvette L88, only driving it a couple hours a year.  It is a specific purpose built car that needs to be driven.  

If you are interested in additional information and the full history of this machine, then reply by email and I will provide you with the back story and the full build sheet from Pace.

I have it listed locally for $34,000.  I am listing it here discounted to $31,000. No Trades. No ridiculous offers. Email me if you are serious about investing in a serious machine.  I will split the shipping to continental US.  Beyond that you are responsible to arrange.
The dealer is too lazy to leave a message here,click here to contact him.