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Used 2003 Other OTHER ATVs For Sale in Georgia  $1,250

Additional Details

    zipCode:  30010

    class:  Trailer

    state:  Georgia

    maker:  Other

    model:  OTHER

    styleYear:  2003

    newOrUsed:  Used

    Category:   Motorcycle Single

    Type:   Trailer

    Location:   norcross, GA

    Primary Color:   black


Kendon Single Stand Up Motorcycle Trailer excellent condition- preowned motorcycle trailer built to handle a large cruiser such as a Harley Davidson or others. Independent torsion bar suspension. new bearings, grease etc i have hauled this all over atlanta and beyond at 70 miles per hour with NO trouble at all. it is so smooth you can forget its behind your truck (Thanks ahead of time, but i am not willing to sell this for 800 or 900) Save MORE than HALF off a brand new one- which doesnt even include shipping of ~$250 here is the ad on Kendon's website Single Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer $2,599.95 Part #: BB107 Single Rail Trailer for Cruisers, incl. Harley Davidson, Goldwing, Sport Bikes and more. Weight: 300 lbs Capacity: 1,000 lbs Standing Height: 89 inches Max Width: 72 inches Max Length: 114 inches Depth: 27 inchesSingle-Rail Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle TrailerFor one bike, lightweight, space-saving convenience the Kendon Single-Rail Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer is perfect for you. Outstanding towing performance and excellent value make this single-rail trailer a must-have.The Single-Rail trailer carries one full-size motorcycle or, with the rail removed, can haul various types of cargo up to 1,000 lbs.At only 300 lbs., the Single-Rail trailer is easy to maneuver and takes up about the same space as a small bedroom dresser or chest of drawers.Superior design, exceptional performanceExceptional performance doesn’t just happen by accident, it’s a product of superior design and years of testing and refinement. Kendon’s round steel tube construction and triangulated frame geometry is inspired by racecar design and engineering. The result is a trailer that is incredibly easy to use and even easier to tow.Lightweight versatilityOur years of testing and refining our frame geometry helped us develop an amazingly lightweight, incredibly strong trailer. That means a great ride for your bike and an easy tow for your vehicle. And for you that means a trailer that’s easy to stand up and maneuver in the garage.Flying soloThe Single-Rail trailer features a wide expanded metal/diamond plate deck area designed to hold one full-size bike such as aHarley-Davidson, GoldWing, K1600, adventure bike, etc. The heavy-duty torsion-bar axle and hub combination give the Single-Rail its 1,000-lbs. carrying capacity.The Single-Rail Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer is perfect for any rider – from moto to track, cruiser to sport. It combines lightweight, user-friendly, space-saving design with full-size-bike trailering capabilities.Kendon Folding Stand-Up™ Trailers Standard FeaturesIndependent torsion bar suspensionIntegrated casters for easy maneuverability in storageLightweight design and construction for simple, one-person operation13-inch chrome wheels with radial tiresIndustrial-grade powder coating finishKendon’s legendary towing performanceMade in USA
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